Halo Legends: The Babysitter Teaser

Below you will find links to the opening 1:47-second clip from “The Babysitter” episode of “Halo Legends.” ”

“The Babysitter” focuses on the intense rivalry between the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) and the Spartans. When given an assignment to assassinate a high-ranking Covenant Prophet, a four-man team of ODSTs must accept a Spartan Sniper to their strike force. Each discipline learns something important about the other as the mission progresses into hostile territory – and old rivalries must be reexamined if the mission is to succeed. The episode emphasizes the differences in ability and style between the two soldier types, and features a few familiar faces – Dutch from Halo 3: ODST and his teammates Private O’Brien, Master Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Checkman.

Now that your stoked for Halo Legends you can dive right into the mythology of the upcoming episodic Halo Legends release by participating in the Halo Legends Heroes Journey Sweepstakes.

This is already underway so don’t delay any longer… Fans are invited to make an active search for special codes on the film’s social networking pages, and entrants will be eligible to win the coveted grand prize – an exclusive, behind-the-scenes trip to Microsoft’s 343 Industries, the production company behind Halo Legends. Other prizes include the Xbox 360 Elite, as well as Blu-rays and DVDs of the film, which will be released by Warner Home Video on February 16, 2010.

Hit up these sites and find the Daily Codes: http://HaloLegendsDVD.com, http://facebook.com/HaloLegendsDVD, http://myspace.com/HaloLegendsDVD and http://twitter.com/HaloLegendsDVD. Collect up to four distinct codes each day and get access to Halo Legends virtual trading cards and earn yourself additional sweepstakes entries. The cards are organized into sets which, upon completion, grant to exclusive content (video clips, still images, information) from the Halo Legends movie. In addition, each card expands in size and provides additional details about its place in the episodic film.

Grand Prize:
One (1) lucky winner plus one (1) guest to take a 3-day/2-night journey of their own to 343 Industries in Redmond, WA for a private screening and a chance to meet some of the creative team behind Halo Legends. In addition, the Grand Prize winner will receive an Xbox 360 Elite and Halo Legends on 2-Disc DVD or Blu-ray. There will also be three (3) First Prize winners who will receive an Xbox 360 Elite and a Halo Legends on 2-disc DVD or Blu-ray. Ten (10) Second Prize winners will receive a Halo Legends standard edition DVD. The sweepstakes is open to all residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Visit http://HLSweeps.com/Rules.html for official rules.

XBL says goodbye to XBOX Original Consoles

Xbox LIVE’s general manager Marc Whitten (Gamertag Notwen) has posted this letter to the community announcing that the XBL service for Original Xbox Games and consoles would be discontinued on April 15th.

Marc outlines these reasons for the upcoming changes:
Your Xbox LIVE community has grown to 23 million strong. And as we look down the road, we’ll continue to evolve the service with features and experiences that harness the full power of Xbox 360. To reach our aspiration, we need to make changes to the service that are incompatible with our original Xbox v1 games. We will contact the Xbox LIVE members directly impacted by this change and if this includes you, I encourage you to check your LIVE messages and associated e-mail account over the coming weeks for more details and opportunities. We view you as a partner in this process.

Hopefully we will see the XBL Friend cap disappear, or get raised, shortly after these changes.

Hat tip: Major Nelson

New Halo 3 Reach Screens

The fresh screens from the upcoming Halo Reach have just made available to us and we are eager to share them with you.

Halo 3 Reach – Noble Team:

Halo 3 Reach - Noble Team

Halo 3 Reach – Truckin’:

Halo 3 Reach - Truckin'

Halo 3 Reach – Battle of Kiva:

Halo 3 Reach - Battle of Kiva

Halo 3 Reach – Skirmishers:

Halo Reach - Skirmishers

Halo 3 Reach – Sniper:

Halo Reach - Sniper

Halo 3 Reach – Environment:

Halo Reach - Environment

GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City for PS3

Well Playstation Fans the long awaited and highly requested DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV is finally coming to the PSN. Scheduled for the end of March you’ll be able to pick these two episodes up as a single standalone Blu-ray or as two separate downloads from the PSN.

Catch the trailer here:

See you in Liberty City.