Month: January 2010

Dj Hero Renegade Edition Review – Xbox 360

Activision has yet again brought us a new “Hero” series game, this time venturing away from the guitar, drums, and microphone to bring us DJ Hero. Yes another metal and plastic instrument for are already overcrowded living rooms. There are two versions of the game the regular edition and the Renegade Edition featuring Jay-Z and Eminem. There are only 2 differences on the hardware that I’ve found so far one being the knobs on the Renegade edition are metal compared to plastic on the regular edition. Secondly the turntable is black and gold compared to black and silver. My only real complaint regarding the turn table is the cross fading mechanism. It is has 3 positions left, center and right. When sliding from right to center or vice versa there isn’t enough of a click to ensure that it is centered. I’ve often lost note streaks because of it. FreeStyleGames even thought of the lefties, you can detach the mixer and place it on the right. One of the biggest complaints I have had with games Rock Band and Guitar Hero are the tracks. Being in my twenties the music in those games just didn’t appeal to me because I didn’t know 90 percent of the artists. This is one of the single most important reasons I love DJ Hero the set list is fantastic. You have music from...

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Ubisoft Premieres New DRM Strategy [Update]

For the PC Gamers out there, DRM has been a big issue in the past years.  Starting with the Settlers 7 Beta, Ubisoft is changing their DRM forecast to cloudy . In future Ubisoft PC titles, including Assassin’s Creed II, players will be required to log into their account each time they launch the game. That means that you’ll always need to be connected to the internet to play your games. Although this is where most of the comment raging will happen, I think the bigger issue is that gamers will have to have a account (and remember their password!). Do gamers want an EA account, a account, a GameSpy account or the myriad of accounts that each publisher or multiplayer provider could set up? We’ve contacted Ubisoft as to whether the authentication will be necessary with the Steam, Direct2Drive and Impulse versions of their titles. Update: Ubisoft has responded to the outcry: “Ubisoft’s number one goal is to provide added value that will facilitate and enrich the gaming experience of our PC customers. The Settlers 7 beta version is enabling players to discover that this platform empowers them to install the game on as many PCs as they wish, to synchronise saved games online so that gameplay can be continued from where they left off (from any computer with an installed version of the game) and frees...

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Review – Dragon Age: Origins

I have a confession. I knew almost nothing of this game until one of my friends pointed it out to me as one of his most anticipated games of 2009. I looked it up and was less than impressed with the game play visuals I found but when I noticed this game was coming from Bioware, I immediately rushed out to buy this title based purely on Bioware’s track record. I loved the Knights of the Old Republic series, Jade Empire was a great title that I’m still hopeful will get a sequel and of course Mass Effect floored me (Come on ME2). Dragon Age: Origins gives the gamer the choice of 6 character classes each with its own distinct story arc. In tradition with how we do our reviews here, I won’t be divulging any plot points only to say that every decision you make helps to shape your interactions and who your hero is. I’ve managed to play through 2 of the 6 totally a massive time suck of over 80hrs in my life gone and I can think of no less than 10 different situations I’d like to play out differently to see how it changes things. This is one of those games that you just have trouble putting down. The story is engaging as are the characters that join you on your travels. I found...

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It’s Launch Night

It’s Christmas all over again Gamers… Tonight at midnight you’ll be able to pickup the following games; More Heroes 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Mass Effect 2, and MAG at many retailers around North America. Will you pickup the side 2D fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and grab your favourite fighters, will it be the beautiful Chun Ki or will it be Yatterman? Oh the choices… With over 20 fighters to choose from, who will it be? Or maybe No More Heroes 2 is more your speed – Two swords, updated graphics and a new assassins latter to climb. Will you be able to climb to the number one spot? Or grab a friend or grab 255 friends and wage war across the globe in Sony’s new Massive Action Game (MAG). Will your fraction win? Do you have what it takes to be General? And last but definitely not the least – probably the most anticipated title on the list – Mass Effect 2. Take control of Commander Sheppard and his crew to once again save the galaxy. Let us know what you’re picking...

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The Rockstar Spouse Situation to date

You may remember the big EA Spouse shakeup that happened back in 2004, but evidently Rockstar games didn’t hear about it, or didn’t care. For those of you who are foggy on the topic, EA Spouse was a user on Livejournal who wrote a short essay about the poor working conditions and unpaid overtime at EA. After the media got a hold of it, EA found themselves at the business end of a class action lawsuit that lost them about $15 million. A similar situation is unfolding now with Rockstar. A post on Gamasutra by a user named “Rockstar Spouse” called for working conditions to improve, for overtime to be paid, for benefits to be reinstated, and for crunch times to be only a sometimes food. The post has over 140 comments and over 300 direct retweets from their website. The blogs picked up the story and ran with it, while the rest of the industry held their breath for the next move whether it be Rockstar or the employees or their significant others. Rockstar responded, and in true Rockstar fashion. The company posted a series of desktop wallpapers on their website titled “The Eye”, as a reference to a comment made by a former employee comparing Rockstar New York to “The Eye of Sauron”: The source went on to compare Rockstar NYC to the Eye of Sauron when...

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