Friend of Foe – take our Poll

What do you do when a random person adds you as a friend on XBL/PSN?

Let us know – Take the Poll now

This poll closes on Nov 13, 2009

One Reply to “Friend of Foe – take our Poll”

  1. The choices are a too radical.

    I generally don't mind people adding me, as long as their speech is coherent and they don't text like that: "H3y m8te you wer real goud in dat last uncharte2 g8me!!XDXD!!!"

    Sometimes you just want to party up with someone and play with them since they might be good or similar-skilled.

    In fact, I'd love to find a team to play UC2. It's hard to win against a 5 player team of 45+ level together.

    I know this is off-topic but, Situational Awareness should be banned on Elimination type games, a few times, we end up on 2 or 3v1 but high-ranked player with S.A ends up killing us all.

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