Month: July 2009

The Saboteur Trailer and Gameplay footage

Many of you know last week we all experiences the San Diego Comic-Con (some of us only via Twitter – Hoping to go in person next year). During the show many Gaming studios release new footage, trailers and news. Pandemic Studios released these on the Saboteur official home page for those of you that missed out on seeing the official reveal at SDCC. Videos: Official home page of The...

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Review: God of War: Chains of Olympus

I have to admit, I went into this game with the bar set very high. God of War:COO after all was proclaimed to be the game to sell PSPs. An all new adventure for the unreluctant hero Kratos. I have to admit it met my need for fast paced action and then some. Kratos is once again on a his revenge kick to combat the Gods. Visuals are as good as you’re going to get on the hand held, and that’s not a knock on the hardware at all, just the opposite. It’s one of the best games I’ve seen on the system to date. It’s right up there with the Socom series (also by Sony, coincidence, hmmmm…). Gameplay is much like its PS2 counterparts. The only change in the gameplay is of course is the non-use of a right analog stick to dodge roll. Instead you simply depress both top triggers and roll by using the left stick, minor change. Some new magic abounds and it all just feels right. I especially love the edition of the shield trinket thingy you get along your travels. It comes in handy when you can’t find a bit of cover to save your heavenly hide in some pretty awesome heated battle. Speaking of battles, you’ll especially like the introduction of all new enemies, creatures, etc. It truly is a new experience...

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On The Horizon: Mafia II

I have to admit, I’m one of those that felt I couldn’t get into the first rendition of the Mafia series because it just seemed overwhelming and appeared more geared to the PC crowd in design. But Mafia II, since the first trailer dropped sometime in early ’08 had me following this title every step of the way to date. In this On The Horizon segment I bring to you Mafia II as a gamer and non-PC gamers alike need to keep an eye on. It’s scheduled to be released sometime in Spring 2010. The story so far is you’re Vito, an Italian-American trying to do what’s right, well sort off from a crime family’s point of view [grin]. Set in the 1940s this it’s reported to have an all new game engine allowing free roaming and some pretty hot shoot out missions ala Gears. Check out some in-game footage, and be sure to pick this bad boy up come 2010! Platform: PS3, XBOX 360,...

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Review: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Platforms: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and PSP After a somewhat disappointing movie, yeah I said it I had issues with the movie – but that is another site at another time, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen The Video Game brought it. Following the movie storyline but without all the fluff and the extended and unnecessarily ling battle scenes, you will traverse the globe and battle over the remaining fragments of the All Spark. The hardest decision is choosing to Save the planet, as the Autobots, or try to destroy it, as the Decepticons. Play as one of four Transformers, depending on the side you are playing as, and head out into the world. Complete challenges where you will protect (or destroy) key locations and race against time and battle it out with your enemies. Tackle your missions with speed and efficiency, while finding the Autobot/Decepticon tokens. Earn energon rewards for killing your enemies and completing the bonus mission tasks, these bonuses are worth the time and investment. Use energon to upgrade your team; more health, stronger weapons, faster drive boots and recovery times. Also unlock original G1 cartoon episodes – yes sir the original 1980’s Transformers episodes – FANTASTIC! Where I was disappointed with this game was the length, a common problem for movie games. Most missions are 10 minutes or less,...

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Borderlands Gameplay Trailer

Gearbox Software has just release the first trailer for their upcoming four person co-operative Role Playing Shooter – What you get when you cross a first person shooter and an Role Playing Game – Borderlands. The footage looks sweet, and the song is fantastic. A Mad Max world crossed with Starship Troopers appears to be your setting. Publisher: 2K GamesDeveloper: Gearbox...

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