New R.U.S.E. Gameplay Footage

Today Ubisoft sent us some videos of gameplay from their upcoming RTS game R.U.S.E.

Just a quick reminder about R.U.S.E. if your unfamiliar with the game the:
R.U.S.E is a new war RTS that takes place during World War II, where the use of deception and bluffing your opponents are the keys to winning. Take on your enemy and lead your army to victory by camouflage your troops, using decoy units to draw their attention and sabotage or capture key enemy locations and targets.

R.U.S.E Game Play – Part 1 of 2

R.U.S.E Game Play – Part 2 of 2

Visit for more information.

Videos thanks to Ubisoft.

Fable 2 DLC Dated and Priced

Just a few short minutes ago, Lionshead Studios finally announced the details of the highly anticipated DLC “See the Future”. It drops on May 12th for 560MS points. Read on for more info. It’s great to see such that the developers are still so committed to their flagship titles. I’m looking forward to travelling back to Albion.

Episode nine of Lionhead Studios’ video diary series goes behind-the-scenes of the much anticipated second Game Add-on.

Enter Lionhead Studios’ world of whimsy to catch a glimpse of the new adventures that await the heroes of “Fable II” in the much anticipated second Game Add-on, “See the Future,” which will be available May 12 on Xbox LIVE. In this latest behind-the-scenes diary episode, the team chats about the continued storyline, wacky characters and design choices for “See the Future,” including the creation of 250 fun Achievement points and a trip down memory lane to the original “Fable.”

“See the Future” returns to the beloved world of Albion, where a set of cursed items from Murgo the Trader unleashes new challenges for players to overcome, including encounters with kooky ghost hobbes, bloodcurdling necromancers, a cursed knight and the Coliseum, where only the greatest heroes will emerge victorious to claim the ultimate prize. Of course, what would travel be without a trusty companion? The “Fable II” dog returns with three alter egos to guide players on their quests to see the future, in the form of a Dalmatian, Bloodhound or Husky.
In addition to fantastical new quests, creatures, characters, events and legendary artifacts, “See the Future” also offers free unique items* to all, including a unique soldier helmet, braided ponytail hairstyle, psycho Jester make-up, a new hero expression, the back flip trick for canine companions, and a collectible Murgo the Trader gold statue.

As an added bonus, all Xbox LIVE Silver account members are invited to join in on the adventurous LIVE co-op festivities during the Multiplayer Unlocked Weekend for free! Created specifically for “Fable II” fans, this Multiplayer Unlocked Weekend will be accessible in all LIVE-enabled regions where “Fable II” is available, starting May 8 at 12:01 p.m. EST, and concluding on May 11 at 11:59 a.m. EST.

The “Fable II” Game Add-on, “See the Future,” will be available for download exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on May 12 for 560 MS Points for the premium content package. “Fable II” is available exclusively on Xbox 360 and is rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB and PEGI 16+. To learn more about “See the Future,” including access to this developer diary and new screenshots, head over to or

*The free content update must be manually downloaded from Xbox LIVE and will enable those who haven’t purchased the “See the Future” premium content to continue the co-op action with their friends.

Fallout 3: Revisited

Platforms: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PS3 and Windows based PCs

In a bid to garner a little hype for the upcoming Broken Steel DLC for Fallout 3 and give anyone who may be sitting on the fence as to weather they should buy this or not that extra little push, I’ve decided to re-review Fallout 3. Previously I had done a damn fine review last year but that was for another team and it was for the PS3 version.

Fallout 3 came to us from Bethesda Softworks, the very same folks who were responsible for the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Elder Scrolls series. I must admit that I wasn’t overly impressed the Elder Scroll: Oblivion when it came out for the 360. I felt that the character models were poorly done and the environment was too big. I loved the look of the environments but that was about it. When it was announced that Bethesda was taking the reins for the next Fallout series, I was less than enthused as the original series is ranked as one of my most beloved computer games ever. As time wore on and new information and screens came out, the excitement began to well up in me.

The game literally starts you as a baby where you set your appearance and your traits and learn basic movement and environment interaction. From there you will grow to be an adolescent where you learn how to deal with the conversation tree, and the basics for combat to a teenager, which is when the story really gets moving.

I won’t go into specifics on any plot points because I don’t want to ruin it for any newbies coming late to the party and those of you who have already played through know what to expect.

Washington is HUGE. From the moment, you enter the Capital Wasteland you’re treated to some of the most gaming environments ever. Everything Bethesda modeled was painstakingly done and it’s very easy to see. From the Vault to the Lincoln Memorial – It’s hard not to get completely caught up in the beauty that is a post nuclear holocaust Washington.

The movement controls are smooth and the battles are a nice combination of real time combat and timed shots. Timed shots use a specific amount Action Points based on the accuracy and your proficiency in that particular weapon. You gain experience points during combat and performing specific tasks and finishing any of the many different quests and side quests.

The story consists of a single main quest peppered with a large variety of side quests and mini missions that spans across a very large Capital Wasteland. After playing through this game twice and partway through a third time, I still haven’t seen everything nor have I found all the different locations in well over 130hrs of game play. The replayabilty of this game is absolutely awesome.

In the end, if you enjoy games with deep narratives, stunning graphics, incredible replay value (Let us not forget the DLC), this is a game you must buy. With the recent announcement of Fallout: New Vegas and the upcoming DLC episode Broken Steel, I have something to keep me occupied until the next major release. Never before has Nuclear Holocaust been as fun or beautiful as this.

Feed Your Console gives Fallout 3: 10 out of 10

Published by: Bethesda Softworks
Developed by: Bethesda Game Studios

THQ Announces All Star Cheer Squad 2

Ok, Well I love alot of THQs properties and I have to admit that when I saw this press release I thought. “WTF?!? Am I reading this right?” but it appears as though I am. So, as a completely unbiased website that tries to cater to all gaming demographics – Young, Old, Girls….Peppy girls who jump around and have far too much cheer, this one’s for you.

AGOURA HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr. 30, 2009– THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that All Star Cheer Squad™2, is currently in development exclusively for Wii™ and is scheduled for release this fall. Tony G, world renowned cheer choreographer best known for his work on the Bring it On movies, will once again serve as chief consultant for the title.

In All Star Cheer Squad 2, 14 exotic locations from around the world will serve as the backdrop for global cheer competitions. No longer a newbie, players will start out as the captain of the Tiger Squad, leading the team to victory by utilizing an all-new diverse move set that includes real-world aerial stunts, tumbling, formation changes and advanced moves on the Wii Balance Board™ accessory. Moves can be executed by using two Wii Remotes™, allowing for greater mobility. Players will select their squad members and then choose from more customization options including new makeup, hairstyle and uniforms. Because every routine needs a good beat first, All Star Cheer Squad 2 will feature even more original cheer music. Combined with an upgraded routine editor featuring a music mixer, a choreography editor and the ability to challenge friends via WiiConnect24™, All Star Cheer Squad 2 will allow players to live the ultimate cheer experience.

I’m never going to play this game as I’m sure that a majority of our readers won’t either but, as an expecting father who is going to have a little girl, perhaps in a few years I’ll be resigned to watching games like this play out in my house too… I also have to give major props to THQ for keeping their spectrum so broad and trying to get more girls into gaming. Even if that means they use the house as a place to run around and say things like “Cheertacular!” or “Cheertastic!”.


Ubisoft announces Red Steel 2 with Wii motion plus

Today Ubisoft announced the upcoming sequel Red Steel 2 exclusive on the Wii. This will be the first Ubisoft title to use the Wii motion plus. Sharpen your Swords and get your guns out of storage – your going in to the desert.

Full Release:
Montreal, CANADA – APRIL 29, 2009 – Today Ubisoft® announced Red Steel®2, exclusively on Wii™ system from Nintendo. Red Steel remains one of the most successful Wii titles and the only brand created specifically for the launch of the platform. Red Steel 2 is being developed by Ubisoft Paris and will be available for the 2009 holiday season.

Red Steel 2 returns with an artistic style and flair created just for Wii. Set in a desert-bound, high-tech metropolis, Red Steel 2 is a revolution in the action-fighting genre, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the Wii MotionPlus™ accessory. Your movements are faithfully replicated on-screen, putting the emphasis on swinging, shooting and fun! With the ability of the Wii MotionPlus to sense the strength of a swing, you will literally be able to make an impact on your adversaries through power and precision.

“Red Steel was a unique opportunity for Ubisoft to work in tandem with Nintendo to create a title exclusively for the launch of the Wii console,” said Olivier Ernst, general manager at Ubisoft Canada. “Red Steel 2 is another milestone for the company as it is the first Ubisoft title with full Wii MotionPlus integration.”

Just as Red Steel broke ground as the only third-party brand created for the launch of the Wii, Red Steel 2 will be the must-have game of Holiday 2009 for those who wish to stretch their own capacities and fully experience a game that was built from the ground up to take advantage of the Wii MotionPlus.

1 v. 100 – Trivia with rewards

1 v. 100 is coming to an Xbox 360 near you, and for all you XBL Gold Members your getting it for FREE! That is right I said it – FREE!

Bring your Avatar in game to play, compete against other contestants, win prizes (MS Points, DLC Codes maybe?) for in game participation and skill.

Canadian Beta begins on May 8th.

Notes From

  • Free game: 1 vs 100 Live is included with your Gold Membership.
  • Fun for everyone: Enjoy Live episodes where you play the game at specified times, massively multiplayer allows you to play with friends and against the masses, with a Live host in each game.
  • Big prizes! You have the chance to win prizes based on skill (answering questions correctly) and participation (answering a question right or wrong).

Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date: Spring 2009
Console: Xbox 360

Achievement Glitching and Cheaters on Xbox Live

This afternoon both Major Nelson and Stepto posted on Twitter that the enforcement teams on the Xbox live network were out in full force catching up on score corrections for cheaters and achievement hackers.

Major Nelson writes

“As I post this, we’ve begun taking steps to reset the Gamerscores of the offending players. As I have mentioned in the past, this is something we do occasionally to keep the service free of cheating in order to maintain a fair and level playing field for everyone. If you play fair and earn your achievements without glitching or cheating, you have nothing to worry about.”

While Stepto cautions:

“the best way to avoid a Gamerscore reset is…earn your achievements!”

If your Gamerscore did get reset your probably going to want to read the Gamerscore correction FAQ

Can’t say I blame them… Get out there and play clean.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 – Coming to PSN and Xbox Live!

Today, Capcom announced that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 would be coming to a PS3 and Xbox 360 by way of download. For only $15 on PSN and 1200 MS Points, it can be yours with a shiny new coat of HD visuals and online gameplay. The demo will be available on the PSN on April 30th with the rest of the world to follow shortly thereafter.

I’m not much for Street Fighter or those games but for $15 you probably can’t go wrong.

First Impressions: UFC 2009 – Undisputed

As a fan of all things UFC or MMA, I was overjoyed to hear that THQ would be taking the reigns to bring us a new UFC game. I immediately thought that THQ was a great fit to make UFC because they’ve had some awesome successes with the Smackdown series. Last week, finally THQ threw all of us UFC fans a bone in the form of a playable demo.

The 560MB download is available on PSN and Xbox Live! As a free download and if you’re a fan of UFC, you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to whet your appetite.

The demo only features the ability to play an exhibition with 2 fighters, Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Mauricio “Shogun” Hua, and the interactive tutorial. As a fan of the WWE series, I decided to forego the tutorial and get into the ring cold. Being unfamiliar with the control schemes, I fumbled my way to victory with a flying superman punch in the 2nd round. Not yet content with my win, I instantly got into a rematch and continued to play around losing some and winning others. I managed to figure out the basic controls and began racking up impressive victories, but I wasn’t content with that so I made my way to the tutorials.

WOW is this game deep. The tutorials were both helpful and overwhelming all the same. The

sheer number of moves to learn is mind numbing but they all feel pretty instinctive after trying it out just a few times. The tutorial is broken up into separate sections from you basic movement to submission defense and everything in between. After spending some time with the tutorials, I felt that I was ready to really try and exact some revenge for the Iceman from his loss on the previous Saturday.

What a different it made. Immediately I was pulling off triangle chokes, arm bars and a variety of submission moves just messing around with the controlling. I still need to work on my submission defense but it’s coming along, After all, every fighter has to train hard to become the best. One of the other things I noticed is that the playability of both fighters is vastly different than the other which is likely to give this game some incredible replay value both on and offline

The Bottom line is the graphics look spectacular and the character models are near picture perfect (right down to the blazing hot ring girls in tight clothes), the animation was fluid and crisp and the controls although very deep, were instinctive. This looks to me like it’s going to be a huge success. I know it;s going to see alot of play time with me, so far I’ve logged a good 4 hours of the demo alone. Now my only decision is what system to buy it for.

UFC 2009 – Undisputed drops May 19, 2009 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Wrestler Star to Voice New Title

Today Bethesda announced that they would be working with Oscar nominated actor Mickey Rourke to play the lead role of “Demo Dick” Marcinko in the upcoming title ‘Rogue Warrior’. Rogue Warrior is inspired by a New York time bestselling book of the same name and has you playing as spy “Demo Dick” Marcinko as he infiltrates Russia to try to change the path of the Cold War. Rogue Warrior is in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows platform PCs

I saw the Wrestler and it comes as no surprise that Mickey is getting some long overdue attention. With a raspy hard edged voice he seems like a great candidate for this voice acting gig.

Click here to learn more about Rogue Warrior